Have I become THAT mom?

I actually found myself talking to Elliot in the store today. It works though; I can ward off a potential melt-down if I recognize it early and start calming him. It won’t always work, I’m sure of it, but for now, it does help me get through the shopping.

Also, I’ve taken to calling him my little chubby bunny. Since he was born nearly 3 weeks early, he wasn’t exactly the image of bouncing baby boy everyone imagines. He wasn’t ridiculously skinny but those last 3-4 weeks in the womb are pretty much dedicated to adding on layers of fat. And he chose not to sit through those. But in the last 12 weeks, he’s put on the weight, in a healthy way of course. But he’s my little chipmunk now, chubby cheeks and all.

On a completely unrelated note, on HGTV tonight at 6:30, the episode of If Walls Could Talk… is supposedly spotlighting that Bed and Breakfast where we had our wedding reception and stayed last week. Check it out; it might be pretty cool.

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