Oh fudge

 When I was younger, my dad’s side of the family gathered in Dothan, Alabama for Thanksgiving. My Aunt Ceil, her husband and their son, Bobby, came from Kentucky. We drove up from South Florida, as well as my Uncle Don, Aunt Eileen and their four kids. My Uncle Hal was married for a time and his wife had two daughters, about five years my senior. So, as you can imagine, it was a full house and the best part was the sheer amount of good, rich, Southern food. My Mema made: chicken and dumplings, giblet gravy, cornbread dressing, butter beans, yams (with the little marshmallows), corn, and cranberry sauce. My Papa was in charge of the meats; I seem to recall both a turkey and a roast, done out on the big grill, where he also boiled peanuts. For dessert, there was pumpkin pie, Lane cake, and fudge.

I just made my deceased grandmother’s fudge recipe. I really hope I don’t mess it up but honestly, it’s pretty simple. The “hard” part for me was being patient with the melting process, as she instructed to melt 3 cups of semisweet morsels over LOW HEAT. Ugh. But it seems to have turned out ok so far; it’s in the cooling process now. This is my contribution to my mom’s Thanksgiving. That and I’m making the yams and stuffing once I get there.

In a way, I miss the Whatley family get-together. But my Mema died in 2003 (I think) and now my Papa is ill and probably hasn’t much time left. I always considered myself lucky that I didn’t have to go through the trauma of losing a family member when I was a kid. Now that I am an adult, I still have to face the inevitable fact of death and perhaps it would have been better if I had been a naive child. I think now it will be even more difficult to handle. Especially when my other grandparents go.

They get to meet their great grandson in two days! Ash wonders how it can be exciting for great grandparents since the blood connection is so thin by that time. I told him I think it’s cool because they realize how long they’ve been alive and all they have lived to see, including the three generations after them. To me, that is a really neat thing and I know that they feel the same way; they appreciate that kind of stuff.

Anyway, ’tis time for ER and also, for stand up time with Elliot. I hear him in his crib – he’s laughing.

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