Listy list

I had been pretty down lately, mostly due to a lot of rain and crap weather in general, plus some stress and mostly things I brought about myself. But it’s time for a list of good things:

  • I love going into the bedroom when Ash is napping and placing Elliot on his chest. In his semi-awake state, he pulls the sheet up over them both and allows me a few moments of time.
  • Ash took a half day yesterday to take care of me in my sick state. He took care of Elliot most of the day!
  • I applied to an online University teaching position for extra money. Think positive thoughts for me!
  • The weather is getting to be awesome here
  • I’m walking twice a week with a girl I met in childbirth class. A new friend!
  • Elliot is now 8 weeks old and the first thing he did on that day was cry real tears.
  • That sounded like a bad thing but it made me feel like he’s growing up
  • The second thing he did that day was start to focus on things. There’s something different about his face now, something more real in his eyes.
  • Ash and I are finally getting back to “normal” after the whole baby thing. Relationships totally go into a tailspin when a new addition shows up.
  • I went into this little eatery today that I always used to go to and had a breakfast sandwich. It was so nice.
  • I uploaded a video of the baby: check it out

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