Be careful what you brag about

Maybe it’s just sheer coincidence or maybe I shouldn’t have been so cocky about quitting the breastfeeding support group because I wasn’t having any problems. Well, lo and behold, Tuesday night I started to shake a little, sort of like chills. Then it was full blown chills. I got into bed and felt as if my whole body was weighted down, heavy and tired. I awoke around 2 to feed Elliot and I had a temperature of 102.7. Guh. I managed to make it through the night but it was rough: sweaty then freezing, mind racing and semi-delirious. In the morning, I read in my many books about what it might be and it was indeed mastitis. Sigh. So basically I spent most of yesterday in a coma-like state, moping painfully through the house if I absolutely needed to do something, you know, like feed the baby. I was tossed back and forth between my OB and GP, since one said to call the other and the other was short-staffed and said to try the original instead. It was 6 PM before I got an antibiotic called in but after that and multiple little naps plus a decent night of sleep, I am feeling much better now, at least fever and chills-wise.

I guess it was only a matter of time before something went wrong. I mean, aside from Elliot’s jaundice (ok, AND his umbilical hernia) we’ve done rather well so far. But – knock on wood – hopefully things will be ok for a while. I know with kids things happen and there’s sickness and hurts and whatnot but I’m not going to spend time worrying about it all.

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