Rice for words

Ok, so I could do this all day long but I seriously need to get dressed and go to the store. Point is, go here and get some hungry people some food!

Meanwhile, I haven’t gotten much sleep but I am awake now and I doubt I’ll be going back to bed. I need to go to the store but the people working on the sewer lines are conveniently parked right in front of my damn driveway. I hate them and I want them to go the hell away.  It’s such a hassle to get out into the street and I always feel like the workers are patronizing me. God, what asses.

I went over my allotted texts this month on my phone bill so I am out another 20 or so bucks. This does not bode well for me and the next two weeks. Especially since what I’d really love to do one of these days is go hang out in a used bookstore and see what I can find. Although, I have plenty of new books and in-progress books that I ought to be devoting time to anyway.

Well, time for me to get off my lazy rump and do something around this dump. Yeah, you heard me: “What a dump!”

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