Feet, night owls, and over it

I used to not give a crap what my feet looked like. This is because I never ever wore open toed shoes/sandals of any type. In fact, as a kid I hated flip flops, even though my mother always bought them for us. We lived in South Florida and frequented the beach but I still hated the way my feet looked in them and the way that little thong part wedged between my toes. Ew. Maybe four or five years ago, I got sick of my style of wardrobe and started wearing sandals all the time. Then it just became habit and ultimately, laziness. I have one pair of sandals at a time and when they wear out, I buy another. I have one pair of winter shoes and when those wear out, I’ll look into something different. I know this makes me the polar opposite from most women who have closets full of shoes; or at least 6-8 pairs of different styles and colors. But the one feminine thing I do indulge in is a regular pedicure. Well, I was going once a month but since money’s tight, I do not get to partake as often as I’d like. I never thought I’d be so girly as to do such an activity but it’s the one moment of pampering I get. I sort of wish I had some friends who liked to do this too; it could be just like on TV. But alas, real life is nothing like TV.

I’m a morning person. I love being up at the same time as the sun because I feel motivated and I get a lot done. But since the advent of Little One, my days and night run together and lately, I’ve been ok being up at 2 AM. Sometimes, even after he’s gone back to sleep, I stay up and browse the web or read. It feels weird to me to be the only one awake at that time but I’m starting to like the quiet.

What I am starting to hate, however, are salads. I am eating less than ideally since the baby and I can only posit that it’s due to lack of time or sincere care about my own well-being when his seems so much more important. So I eat 3 cookies because it’s easy. I drink the soda while walking around the grocery store because it gives me that little caffeine boost I need to make it long enough to prepare dinner, so the other man in this house can feel like he gets my attention, if only for a few moments before it’s full on baby again. I am sure in time I will get better at balancing; I think I have already started to even out but for those first few weeks, my life was in a complete upheaval state where I neglected myself and pretty much everything else, without even realizing it. But yeah, I’ve been eating a salad every day for lunch lately and I honestly feel that if I see one more leaf of lettuce or grape tomato, I’m going to hurl.

One thought on “Feet, night owls, and over it

  1. I know what you mean about salads…I’ve been eating a lot of them recently and am getting a little sick of them but I’ll continue to eat them b/c I actually care now!
    As for the shoe debate, I have to say that is one of the girly things I do…though I’m still not as crazy as some women are…

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