Against my husband’s wishes, I’ve been doing some work-related things this morning. There’s no one else to do it (or who’s going to do it, rather) so you know, I’d rather it get done by me without pay than not get done at all. So I am taking a minute to babble about the things I wish we had in Tallahassee. This stems mostly from a.) my lack of spendable money and b.) due to the fact that I haven’t got the money to spend, I keep having images of the mall flash before my subconscious.

1.) Ikea – I could spend hours in one of these stores and not even spend that much. But by god, they have some awesome stuff there


2.) Trader Joe’s – We have a decent co-op place and a Fresh Market but no Whole Foods and certainly no Trader Joe’s. I think it’s Florida; we scare away these kinds of places.5_traderjoesexterior.jpg

3.) Babies R Us – I talked about this around June or July when we had to trek to Jacksonville to buy our nursery furniture. We have a lame-ass Toys R Us here but if their sister store came and built a combined building, well, I’d have significantly less money and a lot more baby crap.


4.) Lush – my sister works at the one in the Orlando airport and I only get to use their products when she sends me some.


5.) A shopping center much like Winter Park Village:


The best part is that we’re actually getting one in about 2 years or so. It is supposed to be ginormous with a new stadium seating movie theater and many designer and specialty shops. This might mean we’d get some of the things I want. And, you know, when I get a higher paying job, I can go splurge on this stuff. For now, I’m going to send money to the AT&T, the gas company, and Geico. And then I’m going to eat a frozen dinner.

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  1. I think that all of the amenities that we have here in Frisco is the reason that I decided this was theplace to settle. Every store that I could possibly want to shop at is within a 10 minute drive. Target, Origins, Ulta, Aveda, Nordstroms, Old Navy, Marshalls, Stonebriar Mall (which has the theatre and ice skating), then there is the furniture store park with Ikea, Ashley, Eurway, Zuri’s etc. Every restaurant imaginable from Cheesecake Factory, Maggiano’s, Buca di Beppo, Outback and Le Peep. Grocery Stores Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts and Whole Foods. We have the Largest Community College here. I swear it is as big as the entire UCF campus including the new stadium. But what is really cool about the area that we live in is that it still has that small town feel to it. THat was a big selling point. THese are things that I like… this business about the “no tattoos” that is nonsense and hopefully those idiots will realize that people are people regardless of what they look like… next they will be doing criminal background checks and blood testing. Ugh!

  2. I can vouch for the coolness that is Trader Joe’s, we try to go there whenever we hit the big city. And Lush is amazing, I wandered through one on our last day in London. Hubby had to spend a few hours in the Toronto airport this summer, saw that they had a Lush, called me and found out what I wanted (anything chocolate scented and Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, which is wonderful).

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