Latest guilty pleasures – list style

  • Sneaking sips of Mountain Dew. We bought it for our friend who comes to watch football with us but I steal a bit here and there
  • Butterscotch morsels. I bought them for a cookie recipe I was going to make but my ridiculous postpartum sweet tooth makes me down them by the handful
  • Watching ER and crying at the end. I also make sure to turn off the TV immediately after as to not ruin the moment of zen
  • Watching Rock of Love on VH1. I hope Jes wins only because Heather is kind of trashy and I kind of don’t trust her
  • Looking forward to I Love New York pt. 2. Why must they do this to me? I get so reeled into these shows!
  • Buying and reading all the Fall/Halloween issues of magazines such as Woman’s Day, Redbook, and (gasp!) Martha Stewart’s Living. This is what I have come to. I blame the whole stay at home thing
  • Taking long (ok, 1-2 hour) luxurious naps in the nursery recliner in the afternoon sun.

Don’t you wish you too could stay home with an infant? Nah, probably not.

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