New mom confessions

  • At two in the morning, I can only think about how much I want him to eat quickly so I can go back to sleep. And I feel badly for feeling like I don’t want to have patience with him.
  • I consider myself reasonably intelligent but when it’s three PM and he’s wide awake, what do I do with him? I feel like I should keep him awake so he might sleep longer at night but he’s not exactly responsive in the way an older child is. What do you do with a one month old baby to entertain them?
  • I had a latte. It doesn’t see to affect his feeding any but so many breastfeeding advocates would have my head over that.
  • I haven’t actually bathed my child yet. He’s had little wash cloth cleanings but we don’t do the two to three times a week as books suggest. We’re bad parents.

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now because I just had to get those out there. My brain has turned slightly mushy now, much like that pear you so desperately wanted to eat but it went ripe then bad in a manner of 5 seconds while sitting on the counter. Yeah, if you got THAT reference, there’s a box of cookies in the mail directly on their way to your door.

I managed to get out today for lunch, because an old friend was in town. It’s nice to get outside these days and see, oh I don’t know, the sun, trees, breathe fresh air.  Ok, so it’s not that bad. Whenever I get the chance, I do go to the grocery store. It’s my refuge I tell you. It serves two purposes: relinquishing me from baby/dog duty and making me feel useful in that I’m purchasing foodstuffs for us – something NOT for little one. I know that sounds awfully selfish but when your entire day consists of doing for and thinking about him, well, you tend to glom onto whatever there is that can be considered for YOURSELF.  Naps do this as well but I feel guilty when I sleep. I am sure there’s something else that I could be doing. That’s when I play Scrabble online or read magazines.

Alas, baby is shrieking like some little monkey and I take that as a signal for ” I’m bored and sick of looking at sea creatures in my crib. Please send help, and breast milk.”

5 thoughts on “New mom confessions

  1. Okay…
    Have you tried nursing while you are laying down? It has been a lifesaver for me! it really all depends on his size. Riley was such a large baby that I didnt feel uncomfortable having him in my bad… But then I am an advocate of the family bed.
    How old is elliot… It may be time for you guys to invest in toys. I know youhave dogs, but could you put them in another area of the house (without them scratching a door down) and lay a blanket or quilt on the floor and just bring him in the room that you are in? place toys around him and watch him squirm, he may get loud and and angry at not being able to move and touch the toys, but it is fun to watch.
    The whole Latte thing is funny really… ask E I had an iced latte every Tuesday night at school – a large one! I do not think that things like that in a very small moderation are bad. Now if you are drinking Mt Dew every day that is not good. I believe that children feed as much off your mood as they do your body! A happy healthy mommy is a happy healthy baby… Dont beat yourself up over it. The Bath thing – funny. Get yourself a tub… and until you are comfortable dont use soap. Make sure that the water is warm, cover him with a wash cloth and gently pour water over him. I remember that Nicholas (my first) didnt get a bath for the first few weeks, unless my mom did it. I was soooo scared that his slippery little body would slip through my fingers. Riley absolutely loved being in the tub. He liked it so much that the firsttime he was in it, he fell asleep. And that was even with a sore weenie (circumcision).
    Well, when my kids take naps… I usually read. It is my thing. I am a book lover. Or I clean my house. I dont generally go anywhere until my husband comes home in the evening and sometimes I walk through blockbuster without renting anything.
    well.. Riley bird is awake and needing a bath and a clean diaper. we will actually have a car today, So I am excited that I can get out with the kids for a while. I think we will go to the library and maybe to Ikea. Who knows.
    Have a good day!

  2. I would love to go to Ikea! Unfortunately, the nearest one will be the Orlando one that opens really soon.

    Thanks for the advice; I think we’re going to attempt the bath thing tomorrow, when he will be one month old.

    I’ve done the side-lying position and it’s good for me because I can sort of rest and he’s comfortable as well. All in all breastfeeding is going well, I’d say.

  3. the side by side thing was a mental lifesaver for me the first few months. Now it is just second nature. He is 19 months and only breast feeds once at night, but still it really helps.
    I did not realize he is only 1 month… he is still a brand new baby. I miss those days. When they still smell fresh and the world is beautiful. But I like them better when they laugh at themselves in the mirror and gve you kisses and raspberries. I like kids… I can wax ecstatic about babies all day…. ahhh…

  4. I would live at Ikea…sigh.
    Pears tend to piss me off too, my grandparents had a small orchard behind their house and now I’m totally sick of them. And they just reek when they get all bruised…
    Anyways, the HM bookfair was yesterday and boy I missed you. We had Panera bread, and I had three cookies (yes, it was juvenile of me…)
    Anyways, I’m going to shoot you an email now things have settled down…and Idon’t feel like hiding in bed anymore.


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