Playing catch-up

Yesterday was riduculous as always. The first day of classes is a whirlwind of confusion on the parts of many faculty and students, alike. Luckily, faculty is usually on the ball. I was prepared and calm throughout the day, even with multiple copy machine breakdowns, anxious freshmen, and on top of it all, rain all day long. I came in half an hour early and didn’t take an actual lunch. By the time I got home, I was beat! My body allows me a good 8 hours and then it starts to break down.

Today is better, more calm. Although, I began in a bad mood due to horrific traffic, students who cross the street whenever they damn well feel like it, and people who take the elevator down one flight. Lazy asses. But I feel good, as far as everything else goes. I mean, a lot of 37 week pregnant women would be relinquished to the couch by now, watching endless hours of A Baby Story and A Birth Story and Runway Moms. Not me, by gum. I’m going to stick it out here as long as I can, even if it means I fall asleep at night by 9:30. I’m a mom now; I gave up my cool card long ago.

In other news, Iggy somehow ripped his toenail yesterday on something in the yard. To be more specific, it tore at the base, so it’s loose but not all the way off. Ugh. Yesterday we disinfected and bandaged and watched him hobble about on 3 legs. This morning, I called the vet to follow up and he’s in there now, awaiting sedation and cauterization. Ew. He’ll look like a declawed cat on that one toe. How weird. But in the long run, I am sure it is what’s best. How much this will cost, I do not know but I’m certainly not looking forward to the bill. I don’t know why but Iggy’s always the one who has these issues! (See: January of this year when he had to have intestinal surgery).

I am teaching online this Fall and today is our actual first day, since I’m going to run it like  a Tuesday/Thursday. I’m hoping I haven’t left out anything really important that will end up backfiring on me but we’ll see; students are pretty good at pointing out things that are messed up so they’ll probably let me know.

Now, to end this entry, a list of random thoughts:

  • Mike Vick ought to have vicious dogs as his cellmates.
  • My fantasy draft in league #2 is this Friday – yay!
  • I heart lattes
  • I can’t wait until Fall
  • I’m sick of carpal tunnel
  • Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Playing catch-up

  1. Or maybe Vick can be tortured in the same way his dogs were?

    Poor Iggy! I know that cannot be fun for him or for you. My sympathies.

    Happy Tuesday to you, too!

  2. I agree about the Vick things wholeheartedly (and maybe don’t feed the dogs for a little while before they go in the cell and put some meat in Vick’s pockets…wait, maybe that’s a bit much:)).

    I also agree about the parking. It took me 45 minutes to find a spot today and I thought I was going to run over someone about 100 times. And when I did find someone leaving a spot, it took her almost 10 minutes to get out because no one would stop flying around the blind corner of the parking structure long enough to let her out. Aargh!

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