Full term, party of one

Yes, 37 weeks is considered full term these days and that’s what I am today. ::Does the full term dance:: He can come at any time now. Although, as previously stated, I’d really rather he stay in there slightly longer – maybe until the 17th – just so all will go as planned. But as we all know, things don’t normally do that.

Yesterday was a pretty full day. We serviced our lawn mower (all by ourselves) and then Ash mowed the majority of the lawn. Yes, a 37 week pregnant woman still did the rest. Why? Because I can’t just sit around all day! We did other various things and saw War at 10:30. I dozed throughout because I was just exhausted but I don’t really recommend that movie. All it made me do was have dreams about Japanese people, good and bad. And there were some ninjas too. But at least I slept a full night for once. It’s a miracle.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be busy and crazy and I’m probably going to go in early and leave late. That’s the way the first day of Fall semester always is. But I love it; I love when days fly by and I go home accomplished. To any and all reading who go back to school tomorrow, I wish you luck.

4 thoughts on “Full term, party of one

  1. yes and no. I never really had a hard time breathing so there’s no clue there. He looks lower and there’s some pelvic pressure but really, not much has changed.

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