One of these things doesn’t belong

One of these things doesn’t belong, originally uploaded by Allstarme.


So, I’m at the store and all I really need is turkey – not pictured – and fruit. Oh and condoms. When I’m checking out, the girl gave me a pretty weird look. I felt like I should explain except, oh, what’s the use? Yeah, I’m 9 months pregnant and buying condoms. And not even Magnums or X-tra Long manly man condoms. Just plain ol’ non- lubricated.


So now I bet you’d like to know why. After Iggy’s minor outpatient surgery today, he is wearing a little bandage that cannot get wet. This means he can’t even walk outside in dewy grass. Our best solution: condoms. It certainly made for an interesting grocery trip and must have left the check out girl baffled.


That’s what I aim to do in this life: excite and baffle. Mwuhaha.


3 thoughts on “One of these things doesn’t belong

  1. Maybe she thought you were packing a lunch for your teenaged brother: “I made you a turkey sandwich – and don’t forget to wrap that rascal!”

  2. that’s a great story indeed. Hope the rubbers do the trick!. The other upside is that you don’t have to worry about Iggy’s foot getting gonorrhea.

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