So today sucks… my office computer has died and I am without my normal programs, my files, the things I work with day in and day out. And of course – as luck would have it – our tech guy is on vacation. I have spoken with him, however, and I’m currently using this back up machine. It’s not the same, of course, but it will do in the meantime. He won’t be back until Tuesday so it’s only a few torturous days.

Who knew Thursday would start off so crappy? Add onto it a blight of pregnancy – a terrible zit right on the corner of my mouth. I have been relatively free of those sort of hormonal insanities. Oh yeah and somehow I have this nasty sort of gash back in the corner of my mouth where my back teeth meet. I thought it was tooth related at first but there isn’t a tooth there! At least not on the bottom where it hurts; that one was pulled some time ago. So yeah, I am quite cranky today. I could really use some pudding, or ice cream or coffee. Urg.

Ok people, I need some encouragement to feel better. Any ideas?

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