Harry Potter Day

9:03 AM – am on page 193. Since it’s – so far – pretty slow in the office, I plan to make great strides in completing this book today. I could. normally, breeze through it in a day but with work and all its distractions, I haven’t made much progress.

I have yet to see sunlight this morning. The storms are alll to the south of us but it’s still cloudy and sleep-inducing. I could lie my head down right now…zzzZZZzzz…

I picked up Krispy Kreme for the English office this morning. It’s been a long, busy week and thought itmight be kind of nice. I was kinda miffed though when I found that they no longer carry the devil’s food donuts. Those were some kinda wonderful and now, now… oh, whatever will I do? Wait, I eat donuts maybe twice a year at best. I guess itdoesn’t really matter.

More book progress soon…

ETA: 1:20 pm – p. 231

2:31pm – p. 285( I keep getting interrupted!)

4:24 pm – p. 317

I don’t know why I can’t seem to get through this book! I guess reading at work is not the best place.

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Day

  1. I finished it. It was pretty good; there’s a couple holes I’m trying to figure out but I probably just missed the explanation the first time through.

    P.S. the Ron-Hermione sex scene is on page 483

    P.P.S. the Harry-Dumbledore sex scene is on page 520

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