55 Days and counting

Yes, that’s 55 days until my “estimated” due date. Scary huh? I think we need to start getting my hospital bag stuff together. Childbirth class last night sort of made me realize this. Also, we did a really cool exercise in which we simulated labor, mostly the first stage when contractions are bad and getting worse. We rotated “stations” for different positions you can get into to ease the pain. To recreate the supposed pain of contractions, each woman held a baggie full of ice cubes and as the contraction escalated, we had to squeeze the ice and then concentrate on our breathing to work through it. I found it interesting that as we went along and the instructor simulated different types – harder contractions with two peaks – the ice got easier to handle because it had begun to melt but the actual position was harder because we’d been on the floor so much, etc. So starting out was easy, physically, but the ice was colder. I found this to be a pretty fun and informative way to practice for labor, even though when she explained it, we all sort of rolled our eyes at these silly things we’d do in front of the rest of class. Believe it or not, I think everyone took it pretty seriously once we were all doing it – the breathing, the ice bag squeezing – with our husbands cheering us on, calming us down. Honestly, it’s gotta be pretty hard if you don’t have any kind of labor coach. I don’t think I could do it on my own.

Today has begun much better than yesterday, which was downright awful for the majority of the day until I got home. In fact, it got exceedingly good when I got home because my husband had bought me the new Harry Potter as a surprise. Sweet; I was going to wait to buy it since I have a lot of expenses right now but hey, this is even better.

With that said, I do believe I’ll start on it right now. 🙂

8 thoughts on “55 Days and counting

  1. It’s a good book; I’m most of the way through it. It really surprised me when Dumbledore came back from the dead as a zombie and ate Harry’s magical brain. Don’t read that last line if you haven’t finished the book yet

    Also, I can’t email you (must have an old address from you) but I’ll be in town from Sept 21st-Oct 1st

  2. Can’t email? I’m either at allstarme79@gmail or hotmail. That’s weird. Well, my estimated due date is Sept. 17th so maybe you’ll get to see the newest Smith family member!

  3. Wow, that would be crazy. Another one of my friends is having a kid right at the same time… it feels really weird to have friends having babies.

    Oh, and I still had your m8s address

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