You know how you rediscover an old song you liked eons ago and then play it over and over? Yeah, my current is Madonna – Crazy For You. I somehow keep linking it – mentally – with her video for The Power of Goodbye, because Goran Visnjic was in that one and they’ve been playing that craptacular Elektra movie on TV lately, which I have only watched to catch a glimpse of him. Man, does that movie blow or what? It’s worse than I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but that’s not saying much because that movie was awful! Ok ok, I laughed at a few moments: namely anything involving Ving Rhames and I’m Every Woman, but in case you actually plan to spend money on this garbage, I won’t ruin it for you.

The weekend has been semi low key. We’ve been keeping up that 2 mile walk, which is good for baby and body but becoming increasingly harder as my stomach keeps ballooning, putting pressure on my feet and crushing my lungs each and every day. Being a pregnant asthmatic is crappy like that I guess.

Ash was watching that new VH1 show – Rock of Love – last night and unfortunately, it was the last thing I saw before drifting off to sleep. So what did I dream about? Well, it was two-fold. The first dream involved us living next door to Bret Michaels (I was really into him back in the 90’s; he was dreamy;)) and since we were neighbours, in the dream my logic was that I didn’t have to go on that show because he already liked me. (Don’t ask, dreams are weird). In part two of said odd dream, I was a contestant on this show, vying for his “love” with all those blond imitation women and by the second round, I was eliminated for having dark hair. Maybe somewhere in my subconscious I want to be blond? Highly unlikely. Dreams are so unexplainable sometimes.

Anyway, we’re meeting some friends for dinner at our new substitute Mexican joint – El Jalisco #5 – in lieu of the now closed El Chico. I wish they’d just pay their property taxes and reopen but that’s probably never going to happen. Happy Sunday, everyone.

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