Fairest of the seasons

Two o’clock already? Where does the day go? Actually, I’m not complaining about this. No, the sooner we get to midnight, which is when my paycheck deposits itself right into my little bank account, the better. Even if I am sleeping at the time, I’ll do a dance; the happy dance of fat summer paychecks.

Speaking of summer, I really do like this season, regardless of the heat. I guess maybe I have lived in Florida all too long and have adapted the way our ancestors did. I no longer feel the strain of the heat and shuffle into the closest shaded corner, cursing the blinding rays of the sun. Perhaps it was the three summers in a row I schlepped myself to and from school and work in an air conditionless car whose front windows didn’t roll down. Mind over matter and in this case, I don’t mind the swelter.

Further musings about summer: in the evenings, even though the mosquitoes swarm and find my calves extra tasty, I stay out on the deck and look for the fireflies. I’ll see one, two, three and four, then none. I make a deal with myself: I’ll go inside the next time I see one. Then I will and say to myself, “Just one more, and then inside.”

Eventually, the heat will only annoy me in that I grow tired of the same ol’, and I will beg for Fall and Winter, which then, by mid-February, find me desiring those mid-April days when the temperature is just right and I can sit outside without giving one thought to the heat or the cold. I look forward to November, though, when the heat has broken and I can enjoy mornings on the deck with toast and tea and baby Elliot. Just me, the baby, and the morning birds.

What do you like about summer?

2 thoughts on “Fairest of the seasons

  1. I like the flash thunderstorms. You get to see a lot of good rainbows that way, and as hot and miserable as it is after a storm on a dog day, there’s something to be said for watching the vapor steaming up from the ground.

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