Of humps and bumps

I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday but there’s still minimal work to be done, which leads to lots of second hand watching and net browsing and emailing. And also, it brings me to think about the pregnancy, which is – of course – the biggest thing on my mind.

The latest thing I have noticed is that this belly is really starting to get in the way. I experience yesterday, for the first time, the inability to actually tie my shoe. WTF, m8? I had to hike my leg up to a similar level and then attempt to bend forward and tie those things around my semi-swollen feet. Actually, I have been fairly lucky as to not swell up. I attribute this mainly to the enormous amounts of water I ingest in a day (we’re talking liters here, I think) and the exercise I get.

Also, the belly is similar to a new car where you haven’t fully learned where your bumpers are. I’m still sort of amazed when I open the fridge and it brushes against my belly and I think, why the hell didn’t I realize there wasn’t enough clearance? I’m just not used to this big ass thing out there.

But let’s talk something unrelated to pregnancy, birthing, and babies, shall we? Would you want to stay at this hotel? It would be…interesting, at best. I’d much rather stay in this one because it’s well, way cooler.

Anyway, I am going to head out to lunch; it’s early but I have a lot to do in the afternoon and some errands to run during lunch, like to buy foaming pipe snake for our now-clogged kitchen sink; ugh.

One thought on “Of humps and bumps

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve read and heard about that hotel in Dubai and every other exorbitantly expensive tourist location in the world. I have also heard that officials there hope to make their airport the next big hub for international flights, especially flights from, say, Europe to Australia. It’s surreal the amount of wealth that tiny little country has amassed.

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