Tuesday in the Twilight Zone

Today has just felt weird.

  • I passed a kid eating a block of ramen noodles like a candy bar
  • I napped for 20 minutes at lunch then again at 3:30 – out of random sheer exhaustion
  • My phone hasn’t rung all day
  • It rained for – I swear – 3 seconds then stopped entirely
  • I have gotten more than 30 hits from people searching for street fighter characters
  • That’s it; I guess today’s not that weird afterall.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday in the Twilight Zone

  1. It was weird for me too. I tried to buy a pop in the afternoon, and the machine gave me a dollar bill. So I had lemonade, and it was waaaaaay better.

  2. Dry ramen noodles – well, at least they’re in handy block form, for poor student eating on-the-go.

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