The continuous loop

Back to work, back to the real world. Three day weekends – and vacations in general – always make you, or let you, forget that you have those other obligations. You know, like earning money. And doing something other than watching TV, eating out, seeing movies. Aye, it was a good long weekend but now reality has set in: I am back in the office, my home away from home.

Friday night, my parents made great time getting here and met us for dinner at Outback, which was quite nice. I don’t think I had seen my father since the beginning of January. We stayed up talking and then Saturday, my mom and I did the usual routine for when she’s here: make coffee in the French press, sit outside on the deck when the weather is still cool, then make some breakfast. It’s so rare that I eat a meal consisting of bacon but I figured, why not? Once everyone was up, we went looking at baby furniture – again, because it’s the most annoying, on-going, fruitless search – and then we ate lunch out. In the late afternoon, my mom and I got manicures before coming back to a hamburger dinner with Ash and my Dad.

Unfortunately, they had to leave Sunday morning to go see my paternal grandfather, an hour and a half away. But that’s ok; Ash and I went to eat and bought Legos because, hey, putting those things together is still fun, even at this age. We made plans, then, to see Pirates on Monday, at 10:45 AM. Which worked out really well since it’s a long movie. He took me to lunch and that’s when I realized/remembered that he was leaving today. He leaves for a conference today and will be back Friday night. THEN, he leaves again Sunday for a 5 day conference. I won’t see him again until next Friday. I get him this Saturday and that’s it. Sometimes the time alone in the house is welcome but this is going to kind of, well, suck.

But lest I start the week off whiny, I’ll bring up something entirely different. Um, um, ok, so there’s not much else to bring up. Pirates was good, better than the second, and I was thoroughly entertained. I’m going to make soup for dinner and I plan on buying some little weights because, although I have only really gained a bit of baby weight, my triceps are quickly becoming flabby and I can’t have that.

How was everyone’s holiday weekend?

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