Weekly topic a la English Dept. peeps

As mentioned before, I’m in a loop now where the involved bloggers have a weekly topic. This was “Things you find funny that make you a “bad” person”. Well, it was really hard for me to come up with one – because I don’t usually laugh at peoples’ shortcomings – but I’ll talk about the only thing that came to mind:

Roller shoes. Or whatever their official name is. Every time I see a kid rolling around – more like skidding – on these things, in the grocery store, in the mall, I want to see them fall more than anything. Sure, when we were kids, half the toys we were given had potential for injury. But these things could not only make the kid fall on his ass or break his crazy neck, but he could run right into someone else. Imagine some 12 year old plowing into an 87 year old geriatric patient at the Walgreens. Lawsuit! But anyway, my point is this:

When we held our garage sale, a couple of the neighbourhood kids – who must be about 12-14 – came by to look at our extensive collection of old books. One kid was wearing said roller shoes and tipping himself back on his heels while they chatted. Suddenly, his heels slipped out from under him and he fell backwards. In one way, I laughed at victory. Finally! Someone has succombed to the inane and dangerous nature of such a stupid invention. Then I laughed because his friends laughed at him and called him a dumbass. I can’t remember if I laughed out loud; if I did, then this would make me the horrible person that fits into this week’s topic.

Weekend recap to follow. I need to get my daily news fix first.

4 thoughts on “Weekly topic a la English Dept. peeps

  1. I hate those things. In my day (and yes, this should be said with a crotchety old voice) we actually walked where ever we needed to go. Oh, and we read books.

    I saw a kid nearly rip his mother’s skirt off when he started to fall and grabbed the material. I hoped it would fall — revenge for the rest of us for her insane purchase of those dumb shoes.

  2. I hate those shoes, too. Heelies, they’re called. I see 18 and 19 year-olds scooting around UF in those shoes and I just want to knock them down and yell at them to grow up.

    Can’t you just see some comedian getting paid way too much to say exactly what we’re saying 20 years from now on vh1 when they produce a program about old fads called “I Love the ’00s?”

  3. Oh, those damn Heelies. Is nothing sacred anymore? What ever happened to plain ol’ walking? or regular sneakers for that matter! heh.

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