Anyone have a Tauntaun?

Vague reference to Empire Strikes Back. It’s still 65 in here, the register is blowing at 60, and the heat on the entire campus is down for servicing. So, if I had a Tauntaun, I could cut him open and survive these subzero temperatures! But then I’d be covered in guts. Ew. Yes, I am a dork, in case you were wondering.

Been alternating sitting at my desk looking at pictures over here and reading this outside on the warm steps, except I have the hardcover 1953 version yellowing pages and all. It’s really short for a novel – just 144 pages – but it reads well and the details are amazing. I look forward to lunch, when I shall go home for a sandwich and come back with some sort of blanket so the afternoon will at least be bearable. I may even ask to take off early because I feel as if this is torturous to have to sit in such frigidity.

Anyway, how’s your Monday going?

2 thoughts on “Anyone have a Tauntaun?

  1. Good–I’m making corrections and revisions to both of my final papers today and tomorrow before turning them in on Wednesday.

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