Procrastination rehabilitation

I am really really not wanting to calculate these finals grades for my class. This semester jaded me because I really didn’t connect to these kids. They all did such mediocre work that I got sort of lackadaisical about the whole thing. But I have to get these grades in today because I seriously doubt I’ll do it this weekend and if I wait until next week, the system will – inevitably – be down due to last minute people doing the same thing.

I’m not going to tell Ash but I really don’t want to go to Jacksonville tomorrow. I want to do what we’re doing there – watching the NFL draft with Drew – but I don’t feel like traveling. At all. Not one bit. Especially if Ash drinks while we’re there because I will be the designated for the trip home. Ugh. At the same time, I need to solidify someone to come over and feed the dogs. Normally we can leave them but this will interfere with a mealtime. Sigh. At least on Sunday our social commitments are in town: we’re going to lunch with a guy Ash works with, the guy who did the filmography for our wedding.

I’m about to run to the Arts and Sciences building and I apologize for this email being god-awful boring but hey, you gotta be faithful to your blog, you know?

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