This isn’t a guilt trip, I promise

It’s just that now, with a variety of readers (and I know you’re out there) I thought I’d get more comments on my fiction down there. I guess I just really miss workshop. Oh well. I can move forward and see what happens. I think I have some ideas.

Haven’t done a whole lot today, even though I could be grading my students’ final stuff, making new signs for around the department, posting the summer schedule, etc. I am thinking of taking a walk soon because sitting on my fat pregnant ass is so not good for circulation. And you know what happens if I let my circulation get bad? Hemorrhoids!And I know you have no interest in hearing about those. I have no interest in ever experiencing them.

Having recently linked to Susie (see: blogroll) which then put me in contact with a bunch of people in the dept., I might partake in their weekly topic. Look for a post soon on “Things that make you a horrible person for finding funny.” I have to really think about it though. I know there’s potential there. I’m off to walk and post a sign. Wee.

4 thoughts on “This isn’t a guilt trip, I promise

  1. The lurkers are usually quiet, no matter what you say.

    I want to hear what you say about the horrible person thing….. I want to know how “wrong” you are… hehehe

  2. Wait till we’re all done grading for the semester – not that responding to your great writing is like grading – it’s just that (for me anyway) it’s hard to find the mental energy to do much more than blog surf.

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