The mother of all time wasters

Holy snack foods, Batman. You MUST go here and get your snack food love on. This is a sick site if, like me, you get hungry at work and think about food non-stop. I’d like to attribute my problem with this solely to pregnancy but when I think long and hard about it, I was like this before baby. So go, check out the tasty world of snickety snack food.

2 thoughts on “The mother of all time wasters

  1. Thanks for the plug, and good luck on the baby. My wife just gave birth to our first child last week. Must be some type of preggers vibe – your post is the second from a pregnant woman touting our site in as many days.

    My wife’s pregnancy snack faves – Oreos, Cadbury mini-eggs (when available), and for the week following birth, root beer floats. (Mug root beer.)

    All the best,
    Paddy O’

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