We all make dumb mistakes sometimes

You know when you hear about someone doing something that is so incredibly stupid and you think, “Wow, how could that person let that happen? How dumb!”? Somehow that stuff always comes back around to you and you have to think to yourself how you could get yourself into such a stupid situation. This is leading to something I did that is minor but very absent-minded and well, stupid.

Last night, Ash and I continued our weekend home-repair momentum and replaced all the light switches in the house. We installed this type: (because they make our house look newer.







 This took us a good portion of the time from 8:45 until 11:30. I was designated flashlight holder and breaker flipper so by the end, my back was killing me. For relief, I lay in bed with the heating pad on, determined not to fall asleep and to only keep the heat on my lower back for the recommended 15 minutes. Somehow, I awoke at 12:45, having left the stupid thing baking my back for well over an hour. This also somehow caused a small burn on my back. OW. What a dumbass thing to do! Not healthy, not safe and just plain idiotic. Oh well, in the words of Joe Public, ‘You’ve got to live and learn.’

Work today seems promising. That is, I have a lot of little things I can do that will make me feel both productive and happy. That is a good day of work, people. I’m also going to be faxing back a quote we’ve accepted to have our roof redone. Oh yes, the joys of home ownership. Our home loan went through so we can start racking up the debt. Ok ok, we wouldn’t have done it if we thought it was going to be too much to handle.

Enough about money and home repair!

I’m craving lots of food lately. The baby wants everything! He (or she) is supposed to be a little over 6 inches now. We can’t really call it the bean anymore, can we?  Less than 2 weeks and we find out the gender! Woot.

And on that note, I leave you now to condense this myriad of yellow stickies onto one sheet of information.

8 thoughts on “We all make dumb mistakes sometimes

  1. But… I liked thinking of it (he/she) as a bean. Perhaps the bean size is relative. If it were a giant talking to you, then you would still have the bean. Okay… going too far with this.

    Be careful with heating pads. Is your blister okay?

  2. Warm sleep is a happy sleep…that is all I can think of. The moral of the story — when using heating pads…set an alarm 🙂

  3. Don’t feel bad about the heating pad–Jess has done that sort of thing, too.

    Wow, all this home repair stuff is exciting! It’s making me tired of apartment living.

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