Let’s talk cat crap

As I drove  out of the neighbourhood this morning, I saw a cat, sitting on a corner under some shrubs, watching. And I was thinking that whenever I see a dog lounging in a yard, you can usually tell that he’s really just enjoying his time outside, not really watching people but panting and staring off into the clouds. Whenever you see a cat, it has its eyes trained on something, carefully watching for movement, plotting if you will. Cats have that sort of demeanor about them like they’re planning your demise. Also, neighbourhood cats shit in my yard and make me very very angry so you know, this observation could be way out of context, er, far from the truth. I don’t know everything; I don’t and will never own a cat.

Anyway, sorry if I pissed off any cat people. I’m sure plenty of people have nice cat pets. Yard wrecker cats probably don’t make anyone happy. Except maybe my fat neighbours who perhaps delight in knowing that whatever slop they’re feeding those mangy things is being reintroduced onto everyone’s lawns.

Enough about cats and their excrement already! Geez, what a way to start Monday, huh? Nice and quiet in the English department. It’s finals week so half the people won’t be around at all and the other half will mosey in around mid-day to calculate and enter grades. I’m sure some people will be around these next few weeks; if nothing other than to use the computer lab. Some people don’t have internet at home. I don’t know how they do it!

My weekend was pretty good and I must say, I’m feeling pretty decent about things. I’m starting to show more and in a pregnant woman’s eye, that’s a good thing. You worry at first; “Am I gaining enough weight? Is it even in there? Is it growing?” The doctor has not once said anything about my weight so I am to assume it’s being gained as it should. I’d sort of like that reassurance though. I know where I’d get that kind of care: one of those weird midwife, bath birthing places. But then you don’t get modern technology and you know, when I think of labor, I just think hospital. Maybe I’m too connected to the real world here but I want to know I have trained professionals with drugs. Less than two weeks and we find out the gender. Think ‘blue’, people. Think ‘penis’. 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to read some more news and get my ass in gear here. Meetings most of the morning too. Fun!

5 thoughts on “Let’s talk cat crap

  1. I love cats. I have two, but they are indoor cats. I will tell you what gets me — the dog walkers that don’t pick up their poop. I stepped in some on the way home from class the other night. Bastards. I am tempted to put a bag of flaming dog poop on that woman’s car . I know it’s our neighbor, I watched her.

    Finals rule. Two more weeks, and then it’s DONE!

    Why do you want a boy?

  2. yeah I don’t like those irresponsible dog walkers either. Mine don’t seem to be interested in going while on walks because I let them out in the yard a million times a day. Hopefully no offense to you as a cat owner. I wasn’t hoping to imply that all dog owners are sane. Heh.

    I don’t know why I want a boy necessarily – something inherent tells me it’s what I prefer, what I can better handle. But I get what I get!

  3. Oh, I’m not offended. We had a cat in our old neighborhood that used to walk/sit on the car. It drove D mad. It was a new car and the little beastie kept screwing up the paint.

  4. Cats left to their own devices outdoors are not a Good Thing. There’s one in our neighborhood who likes to peer into our open windows and upset our girl cats. They yell and holler till I show up and chase him away.

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