Sunday morning, tea, music and lawn watering

Every Saturday, I wake up with great zeal to clean and get general stuff around the house done. I usually eat a good breakfast, give the dogs some quality play time, and get down to work. Then on Sundays, I awake with a blue feeling, a sort of loss that tomorrow once again begins the work week and what’s the point of doing anything today? The key to change is to be aware of the problem. So today, I vow not to let the day slip by without taking advantage of my time. It provides just as many usable hours as Saturday.

I really did get a lot done yesterday but I get so busy that I can’t even take a time out to relax. I just keep going until I am so exhausted I just fall asleep. I can only imagine what having a newborn is going to be like if I go about things this way. I had best learn to harness the power of a 10 minute nap.

So today, I hope to eat out (we actually ate all 3 meals at home yesterday!) and get the a.) touch up painting in the baby’s room done and b.) the electrical outlets in there replaced. Flooring America comes out tomorrow to install our new carpet so once that’s done – geez – all we need to do is buy furniture and do a bit of decorating. I think I will feel really anxious once the room is ready for a baby but said baby is still growing away in my belleh. One more week and I will be at the halfway point. Still so long to go but it’s amazing how twenty weeks has passed, just like that.

How’s your weekend going, everyone?

2 thoughts on “Sunday morning, tea, music and lawn watering

  1. so far so good. working on my final papers for my two seminars. I’m sort of at the halfway point for both of them, but I’m already tired of working on them. I just want to be done! After I get these papers written, I only have grading left to do, and not much of that.

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