There’s nothing like a little Prince to pick up your Friday morning. I recommend “Little Red Corvette” or “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Anyway, the morning began pretty slowly: I ate a bagel and drank some grape juice. Nothing else happened and it’s kind of a slow news day. At 9 I had a brief training session with a woman in Budget and Analysis so that took up a good chunk of time and was very informative. Normally I sort of zone out during that kind of stuff but this has to do with reporting job time, etc. and if you mess that up, it sort of affects the budget for, well, the whole state of Florida.

It’s overcast today and I didn’t think it was supposed to rain. However, my yard could certainly use it. That’s the thing about being a homeowner: you actually care about that stuff. Instead of going home Friday afternoon and thinking about the kegger later and who to look up for a good time, you think about the guest bathroom toilet whose bobber won’t float properly, causing an overflow. You think about that brown patch of grass, the pollen on the deck that will require use of the blower, the electrical outlets that still need to be replaced. It’s a never-ending cycle too. Once we got the new dishwasher in, we attacked the faucet that had been flowing at about half pressure for at least two months. After that it was clean out the garage to make room for the crap soon to be excavated from the pit of garbage that was enveloping the soon-to-be nursery.

With the exception of a small computer desk, a filing cabinet, an arcade machine in various pieces and an antique globe, the room is clear and almost ready to be vacuumed, painted, and recarpeted. That will be two more things to cross of the “List of shit to do before baby comes.” And it feels damn good to cross stuff off that list, let me tell you.

Sidenote: some people I work with bring joy to my days. They are kind and thoughtful all the time.

Second sidenote: the other morning I was in the bathroom and I heard someone blowing their nose. I opened the stall door to see a guy – all thugged out with doo-rag and all – who looked at me and said, “oh shit”. I left before he could bolt out of there. I made sure to double check the sign on the door when I left. That was pretty amusing.

I’m off to read more news and while away the hours. My mom comes to visit later tonight!

3 thoughts on “Fry-day

  1. If you can believe it, I was at Barnes & Noble on Sunday in the ladies, and had this crazy guy run in on me & a older lady with a kid. It totally freaked me out, and I wasn’t feeling too good to begin with. The second night of bad vodka=bad idea.

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