One day closer to Friday!

Song recommendation for the day: Lou Rawls – “You’ll never find…”

That’s a classic. Ask Ash: I played this one a ton when we were living back in Woodgate. Anyway, it’s Thursday, which means we’re one day closer to the weekend and that my mother comes tomorrow. This means that today I MUST clean since I failed to do so yesterday. One of our friends was moving and needed our help. I couldn’t carry much but my Element came in handy. You can really fit a ton of crap in there with the seats up; I can only imagine how much more if we actually took them completely out. I have yet to do that.

On a totally unrelated note, we finally watched Borat the other night. Before anyone goes biting my head off, I want to state for the record that I am starting to get a lot better at being understanding on things where I cannot possibly imagine how anyone could like something I didn’t. With that said, I thought it was a flaming piece of crap. Ok ok, some scenes made me chuckle but only out of sheer embarrassment for the guy or the fact that what he was doing was just so assanine that I couldn’t believe it. Some of the stuff he says is funny like the “high five” and all that. I could see how some of the quirky stuff caught on. But in general I was just pretty bored by it. We also rented Flushed Away but we have not watched it yet. I’ll report on that later. (Sometimes when I type “later” I end up writing “layer” and the movie Layer Cake always comes to mind. Random, I know)

By Copyblogger standards i probably haven’t made this entry the best I could for you. But you know, it’s tough to be fabulous every day. Cut me some slack! And comment! I love you guys…

5 thoughts on “One day closer to Friday!

  1. And I am not sure my grammar was correct in the comment above, but I’m starving and distracted by the sounds of my stomach (is that a good enough excuse?)

  2. Not random at all! Layer Cake has Daniel Craig in it…

    Eddie Izzard is funny but I haven’t watched his series “The Riches” although I do have his stand up from San Fran!

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