Wednesday doesn’t have a creative title

I am not feeling very good this morning. I was… as soon as I got up I felt really good. And I felt motivated. But right now, not so much. I’m getting a little tired of feeling crappy all the time. Maybe it is because I am not exercising as much. I am still eating healthy but perhaps the lack of physical activity is starting to take its toll on me. All I know is that I get to work and want to leave. And I don’t think it has anything to do with my job or likewise. I just would rather be sleeping, warm in bed with the dogs.

My first conference is at 12:30. I have no idea why I began them at such an inconvenient time. I can’t take lunch at 11:30 because it’s too early but conferences don’t end until 3. What am I to do? Why did I do something so thoughtless?

I finished this book last night. I read it in about 4 days so I’d say, yes, it was really good and I highly recommend it. Now to finish this book and I shall move on to this one. Looks like I’ll be pretty busy with books; that’s not all bad.

So, how’s everyone else today?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday doesn’t have a creative title

  1. I’m doing pretty good; I have what my dad calls the “drag ass” though. I don’t feel like doing my work, although at this point, it’s pretty unstrenuous. I have to write the last half of a 4-5 page paper tonight, and I haven’t read for Jameson class today (at all).

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