Who the hell are you people?

As mentioned in past entries, my office is at the end of this little hallway, in a sort of alcove. There are two other offices there and the copy room, which is really just a closet where they somehow managed to cram a copy machine. When the professors who reside in the other offices are around, this little space can get quite busy and crowded. When it’s just me, it ebbs and flows with the tide of copy machine users.

This morning, I have had a number of lost souls come by and ask if they can use the copier, which has a clearly posted sign stating that it is for English department use ONLY. There have also been a number of crusty looking workmen kind of guys here, just sort of aimlessly wandering about. They didn’t look like they were inspecting anything or had any purpose in my little cove. They peered in at me, said something to each other in hushed tones, and found their way out.

Right now, there is a very large man whom I do not recognize trying to copy something. I want to say something to him but I’m not in a confrontational mood. Besides, he probably won’t be able to figure it out and will leave on his own anyway. But it’s just weird how many people get lost back here, then decide they need to copy something.


2 thoughts on “Who the hell are you people?

  1. Seriously? Strange people asking to use the copier? Like undergrads and such? And it’s not like you could just stroll past your office and know there’s a copier back there. Man, those kids are getting ballsier and ballsier.

  2. Yeah, I mean, it’s just a weird situation. I had to tell a guy to stop using it. He said he just had ti copy one thing. Yeah well, I don’t really care.

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