I don’t normally blog at night

I’m feeling very… jittery. No, that’s not it. I just feel like I shouldn’t stop moving… I’ll lose momentum if I quit now. I swept all floors, washed all floors. I put away dishes. I ate a pb&j sandwich, reluctantly. I have not craved food, nor really felt like eating, the last 2, 3 days. It’s odd, really odd. I started packing – hey, wait a sec… why aren’t my number lock and caps lock lights on? They still work – obviously – since I am typing right now. Maybe it’s time for a new keyboard. Sigh.

I left work at 12:30 and went directly home to take a nap. That really helped me get back on track for what I needed to do afterwards – which was run errands. I need to a get a grip on myself here, people. I don’t even know why I am so worried about this trip anyway. I don’t usually freak out about travelling THIS much. I need to relax.

Some random thoughts to end this entry:

  • I swear the feral cat in the ‘hood mated with a raccoon; the offspring are unusually large and have ringed tails
  • I had the nicest yet brief conversation with the guy who wrapped me up a piece of fried chicken at Publix
  •  I am not looking forward to the trip to the vet tomorrow; I don’t want to have to board the dogs, the poor things
  • I AM looking forward to Christmas with my parents and then again with Ash’s family. Not for presents but for the fun of the whole event; the sounds, the colors
  • Should I wear my Bears jersey to work tomorrow?
  • One more day and it’s vacation!!
  • I’l update some while out west; we’ll have Ash’s laptop and they have high speed, I’m sure

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