Final day of work – woot!

Too anxious for real words; list time.

  • T-minus 50 minutes until I am out for the break!
  • I’m wearing my Brian Urlacher jersey today; he’s my pretend middle-linebacker boyfriend.
  • Rain rain go away
  • God, I am such a Daniel Craig fangirl. (That was a confession, y’all)
  • I am stil not craving any food. I ate some french bread.
  • Kite Runner calls to me
  • I feel like writing a poem
  • My back and arms hurt from playing Wii; I get way too into the bowling
  • I am not looking forward to cramped seats, recirculated air. Flying sucks
  • I hope I can hang out with some of my ex-Orlando friends tomorrow night. Not ex-friends of mine, ex-Orlando-ans. Orlandoians? Orlandans? Those of us who went to Brantley and/or know knew Brantley folk!!
  • I want some coffee
  • 3 days until Christmas
  • A reflective end-of-year post coming soon.

If I don’t post again today then I will definitely try to while we’re out there. If not, have a great holiday everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Final day of work – woot!

  1. “God, I am such a Daniel Craig fangirl. (That was a confession, y’all)”

    If everyone already knew that, does it still count as a confession? It’s kind of like Boy George coming out of the closet 🙂

  2. Wow, Matt. (Just kidding). Sometimes I just have to say things ok? It was less embarrassing than saying how I lurk the fansites all day long. Damn, I said that anyway.

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