Paging Doctor Smith

I forgot – in the period of time I went without insurance – how difficult it is to schedule doctors’ appointments and, in general, deal with the medical field. I recently went back to a doctor I last saw in 2004. I had to switch GPs because my old one did not take my current insurance. I don’t even need to see the regular doctor – I need to see the OBGYN. Either way, I just managed to get an appointment; they claimed that the new GP was not taking new patients. Even though I am not new since I have been there before I just went on hiatus. Luckily, I have the appointment and all is good.

The wind is blowing into my office as it tends to do in these late afternoons. It is quite relaxing right now. Which is why I am choosing not to call this one lady back. She wrote a book and wants a grad student to edit it. I can barely understand her accent (a) and her phone is all staticky (b). I have a headache (c) so struggling through a conversation would only make it worse. I’ll call her in the morning.

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