There is a church on the corner of Capital Circle and Mahan Drive that has a pumpkin patch every year. Ash and I bought from there about 5 years ago and it’s the honor system: how much do YOU think that’s worth? I couldn’t cheat the church so I got a big ol’ pun’kin for 20 bucks. But anyway, this cool weather is making me want to go to the patch, just to walk around. Another church does a better one (see Vine Pumpkin Patch pics, my photo album) but it isn’t up yet. I am seriously considering taking a 2 hour lunch and just driving around because it’s so beautiful today.

ETA: Some things I would love to buy:

Cool pumpkin stand

I already have a cemetary I put together but this is so convenient.

P.S. I got a pomegranite frappucino and a slice of pumpkin bread. Wow, it was good.

Sone of Edit: My office is a mess! I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Pump-keens

  1. I want a pumpkin! I haven’t found any so far. Orlando eats punkins. It rots them and makes them icky. I had a punkin carving party last year and 2 were spoiled I was very sad. This year I hold out hope for happy punkins…

  2. They have a spray you can buy at http://pumpkinnook.com/ which is supposed to make it last longer. I used it a couple years ago and got about one extra week. It was a particularly warm Fall so that may be why. It might last longer under better weather conditions. (That place’s store also has cool sticky notes!)

  3. Heh heh I should show Jordan my video from 2002 – the year of the great pumpkin massacre – fire and hairspray and lighter fluid… we were pretty destructive back then.

  4. Well that would make my husband wierd, which isn’t a shock. He was just a little too happy about setting a pumpkin on fire with charcoal lighter fluid. He has the seared shoes to prove it.

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