Learn you something

IMDB daily

There’s a few interesting things on there: note the “Screech” tape and George’s newest old flame.

MMM, cheese

Those crazy Brits

Cool again this morning and I am feeling sort of tired. Again, the “system” is down so things related to my job cannot be completed. I should be using this time to write. I have felt like writing poetry but I just don’t do it. I don’t know what is blocking me but nothing comes out when I sit to compose. Sigh.

Happy Thursday and pay (night). I’m going to browse the web before the little devil on my shoulder gets the best of me and I head to the store for a coffee.


3 thoughts on “Learn you something

  1. Yay for paynight! You know, I’m ready for fall to hit us here in Gainesville. It’s still been just plain hot here during the afternoons, and I don’t get out much in the mornings to know if its really cool or not.

  2. A couple years ago, we were driving through Gainesville in May and it was about 11 at night but the air was really cold! I wonder if it was a fluke or if you will still have good weather that late into the Spring. (Yes, this is a random question)

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