Last post of the workday

Now that comments are fixed, I feel much better about, well, everything. As sad as that is.

I went to French and the air was apparently broken in that building, which, coincidentally, is the Francis Eppes building. The Eppes family is well-known on the FSU campus. I personally know a couple members of the family. ANYway, since it was unbearable in class, she let us go early. But I am really pumped about French. I mean, a lot of this is coming back to me from high school so I’m excited that I might – finally – pass this damned language. I mean, I am stoked!

I hit the jackpot for Viggo pics so you get another little diversion. Just for fun becuase I like pics. And because I am bored and so ready to go home. 20 minutes, everybody. Yay!

And another little shout out to my friend Joel, whose car just got a flat tire. Oh no, poor Joe, he has no… car.

And… yumminess.


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