Geek out

So about three or so weeks ago, Ash decided he felt like getting back into Magic (the Gathering). He has played for a good ten years now, on and off. I was opposed to it in high school for, in my silly younger years, I though it was a dork game and wanted nothing to do with it. But once I played, I realized just how fun it was and who cared if it was for nerds? Anyway, he bought a bunch of cards this past week and a half and I made a deck. But I am sick of this deck so I just spent some money on making a new one. It’s right up my alley: big creatures with lots of giant growth kind of stuff and also some direct damage. I feel guilty for spending the money but I just turned in my dual comp form, which allows me to get paid for being a TA as well as from this job. I can afford twenty bucks here and there. And I deserve it. Dammit.

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