Fantastic Friday

It’s really not that fantastic. In fact, it’s rainy out and muggy and in roughly two or so hours, I have to get up in front of a lot of people and speak. Now, I have never had the public speaking phobia. I speak in front of freshmen all the time. I passed speech class with flying colors. But for some reason, I am nervous about this. I think becasue I’ve been sort of bumbling this past week. I’ve tripped over my own words and my own feet on more than one occassion. I had a student in my office and the phone rang. I completely dropped the phone from my shoulder and it sort of clumsily rolled backwards onto the floor. Although amusing, I felt completely inept. But perhaps all it takes is confidence and I’ll be fine. At least this meeting will take up a good portion of the morning.

Last night I wrote a longish entry about my sister. Somehow, when I published, it simply was not there. I do not know if that was a sign not to write it in the first place or what. But I was very upset about theentire situation and compelled to write. Shall I try it again?

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