settling in

Energy drinks are so bad for you. And yet, I am feeling so much better right now.

This morning went great! I didn’t freak out, didn’t trip over my words, and now that everyone has been formally introduced, everything feels really comfortable. I mean, I know a lot of people in the department already; students and faculty both. But now I feel like I’ve been fully accepted. I was busy most of the day with various questions, copier issues, and whatnot. I go home soon so I’m listening to NPR and trying to relax a bit.

I think this job is going to be good for me. I like the office, the people I work for, and the fact that I get to help both graduate and undergraduate students. I love the freshmen who call my office all confused and, by the end of the call, feel a lot better. I remember what it was like to be a freshman so I try to make them feel reassured. We all need that now and then.

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