I was contemplating an entry on food, since I have already eaten a banana, a cup of key lime yogurt (low fat light) and my 8 ounces of vitamins (they mix with water!) And it seems lately, I cannot get enough food. This usually occurs about once a month; I crave everything and I can’t seem to get full. Typically, I eat a lot of small meals during these week long crave-fests, which means I burn more calories and have more energy.

What solidified my actual writing about this was getting into the elevator with Prof. Moore, who, when asked how he was doing, replied, “Ask me after one more cup of coffee.” So we spoke of how coffee, unlike the vehicles of most other addictions (cigarette smoking, alcohol) actually has good flavor and more depth as a food product. And then I wanted coffee like never before. Now, I know a lot of people who boycott Starbucks because it’s a subsidiary of “The Man” and blah blah blah. I’ve had coffee from small shops and in a lot of cases, it’s just not as good as Starbucks… or Barnie’s, but if you’ve heard the news, they got bought out by “The Man”. So I’ll just have to settle for something from the Boca Cafe, which is actually owned by Circle K.

After I left the elevator and headed to the English office, I somehow got into a conversation with the front desk girl about how french fries are her favorite food. She says she’ll eat McDonalds or make them herself, it doesn’t matter so long as she can eat them every day. Wow. That’s love. She said they better have them in heaven or else. I wish I had a food that I was that passionate about. There are a few things in this world that delight my palate more than words can express but I would have to think long and hard about it. Give me twenty minutes.

ETA: Ok, I lied about twenty minutes. I got busy. Anyway, I ventured over to one of the campus’s new food establishments, The Suwannee Room. It is in the east wing of the William Johnston Building and is the flat rate, (almost) all you can eat type. It’s basically Golden Corral but it always changes every day. Well, I guess they have some staples like sandwiches and the bakery items. I had a taco with spanish rice. The rice was cold but still tasty. The taco shell was slightly stale but the beef was good. I then had some cold sunomono noodles – yum – and a small slice of pizza. Sounds like a lot but I really only had a little of all. The pizza tasted like frozen but it was still good. All in all, it was about $7.25 for everything I wanted, it’s big and open and they have a special room for faculty and staff. I see myself frequenting this place.

2 thoughts on “Foody

  1. I ate there several months ago and enjoyed everything thoroughly. I am not sure how they have it now, but when I went several food stations were manned with staff preparing items made to order. I had a cheeseburger and an omelet both made freshly before my eyes.

    I would also like to note that although this restaurant opened in January, it is one of the older dining facilities around having served the Florida State College for Women (1909-1947). I spent a good twenty minutes after eating reading all the historical information and looking at the artifacts they have on display.

    If it were not on campus, I would eat there more often.

  2. Yes, I like the fact that it served as the dining hall when the school was all women. Also to its credit, I found it to be extremely clean and open, which made it an enjoyable dining experience. I failed to mention the manned stations. I was told by the head of the English department to try the omelette but once I had eaten what I stated before, I was full… and still am 7 hours later!

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