Random Tuesday – Why’s it gotta be so hard?

  • I always feel like one of those memes about “adulting” whenever I talk about how good it felt to get something domestic accomplished. And I hate that that term even became a thing on the internet. Like, when people say “I don’t feel like adulting today”. Yeah, who does? But get your ass up and do it!
  • While next week is the final week of Session, this week might be the busiest of my life: long hours for me, lots of kid activities, an NFL draft party at our house Thursday, followed by a seven hour trip on Friday for a family member’s graduation festivities. I am tired just thinking about it. But oh, the last week should be glorious. In fact, I think I heard a coworker say she thinks we might could be done by 2 pm on May 5th. Would that mean we could actually leave? Oh my Lord how magical that would be! It will be like this huge sigh of relief because going to work won’t means tons of work and deadlines and stress. That part will be over.
  • I was in a downright awful mood yesterday and it all ended with my oldest throwing everything back in our faces; he doesn’t want to have to do any sort of chores or hang out with family. He just wants to go to the gym with his friends and play on his computer. But that’s not how balance works so we sat down and crafted a list of things the kids can do around the house and earn time on their devices. I think by the end of it, he was on board, though still reluctantly. The other kids are fine; they see it. He’s just in that teen phase; I GET it. I was there once myself. But I always understood that everyone helps in the house.
  • I have been eating keto on Mondays and Tuesdays again and it has definitely helped. My weight was steadily rising and I was none too happy about it. But I am a little thinner now and generally feeling better.
  • Time is passing in a weird way today; the early morning went quickly then it turned 9 am and now time is CRAWLING by. What’s the deal?
  • OK, that’s all I have in me today; my brain is mushy and I am just so ready for May 5th when I am free!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Why’s it gotta be so hard?

  1. I may have chuckled when I read that your son only wants to go to the gym with friends and be on his devices. I might enjoy a life like that, too, but reality tends to call my name. It sounds like y’all did a good job of handling it with all of your kids!

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