MMMM + Present and accounted for

Honestly, last night I was getting the feeling that I was…not going to be well this morning. I was getting body aches and a sore throat. But I took a bath and slept and I feel decent today. No throat issues and only minor back pain, though that is probably from carrying two 5-gallon gas cans at the same time.

ANYWAY, Friday evening, I didn’t even get off until 7, so that was a bit rough. Got home and poured a beer and took a walk. Once the kids were in bed we watched a movie – a German movie by the name of Postal – which was insane! Not sure I recommend it though. Mostly, I just decompressed. Woke up Saturday and wrapped Isaac’s presents – he was turning 13! -transferred photos so Ash could finish Isaac’s birthday video, then we got to work on other stuff like heading to Costco to refill two of our hurricane gas cans. We do this each year: stock up and if they don’t get used, pour into our cars then refill. I popped a Costco chicken alfredo in the oven and did some other stuff around the house. We ate then Ell wanted to go to Peyton’s house and then he’d ride with them to the party later. We had almost gotten there when Ell’s other friend offered money to help him do a bunch of yard stuff at his house. SO we turned right around and then I had to meet everyone else at Isaac’s soccer game.

They played against a travel Florida Elite team but won 3-1! Isaac himself had two of the goals so that was a pretty awesome self-birthday present. LOL. After the game I went to the store to pick up his cookie cake and then did a few more things around the house before going to Hangar 38. I had set up a 2 hour party that included some bowling and then arcade games, pizza and soda, then the cake and whatnot. We had 10 total kids and it seems everyone had a very good time. Ash and I had beer and food while they all ran around. I was pretty tired out but when we got home, it wasn’t super late (830ish) so we did a little gaming (bowling) then put on An American Tail for Dakota and that’s when I passed out in my chair. These days, a lot of activity and I’m worn the hell out.

Sunday was to be my relaxed yet house-productive day but I feel like it took me a bit to get going. Ash had plans to run with a friend and I went to the grocery store early. He was home for only a couple hours before going back out to play in a card tournament. I did laundry and puttered around. Ell left to finish the yard work. Isaac went with his friends to the gas station, and for about 15 minutes, I sat out in the sun with a beer! It was very nice. I picked up Elliot then snagged Isaac to go to Target and then the heavens opened up. I’m talking torrential downpour. Neighborhood streets flooded right quick. But soon as it started, it was basically over. So weird. Ash got home around 6:30 and that’s about when I wasn’t feeling great but so glad I feel good today. I mean, I could take sick leave but I’d rather not.


OK, this week’s theme is about life being magical and what makes it magical to you. I have to say, there are some things that really make it feel like that to me; things like dusk and seeing my owl buddy fly across the yard, fireflies, little loving gestures, when my kids are nice to me and to one another. I will try to find a couple songs that match.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Present and accounted for

  1. I’m happy as well to read you’re feeling better today. Exhaustion can overwhelm the body. Thanks for sharing your song picks for this week’s theme. I really enjoyed the introduction, “Color of the Sun”. Jimmy Buffet is an artist I don’t know too much about except his most popular hits. This is a really nice song. Thanks for joining the 4M party. Have a magical boogietastic week, my friend! šŸ˜‰

  2. Exhaustion can make one feel physically ill so I hope you are feeling better. These were a couple of nice songs to listen to

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