Friday Five – I’m over it

  1. Well, finally had a later evening at work – left at 8. They had a lot of bills to get through but they talked about abortion for SEVEN HOURS. Absolutely ridiculous. And I finally didn’t dodge the floor amendment deadline. They do this thing where, if there are bills on the next meeting day’s Special Order, there’s a deadline of 3 pm. If you get one then, you have to stay until 7 because they can amend again. The last few times I didn’t get any but I am on for about 7 bills and I already got one in the first deadline timeslot so, shrug. This only bothers me because Ash was grumpy about the time worked last night but soon as he said a few things, I knew it was misplaced anger and irritation at his own job. Shrug. I can’t fix it now; I’m not going to quit and this doesn’t last forever. So that’s that; letting it go and moving on.
  2. Even though today looks like it’s gonna be busy, I am going to take lunch and meet Ash and Isaac at hibachi. He stayed home as a sort of 13th birthday gift and he opted out of family dinner later. It does kind of suck because we always do that but it is what it is and it was his choice. Besides, he has a party tomorrow night.
  3. I was in a super stressed mood this morning but then that resolved and I was in a good mood but then, I started feeling anxious again. I just need to make it through these last 3 weeks. How does one find that place of zen when everything feels so wonky?
  4. Very much looking forward to the weekend. Costco, soccer, birthday party. Then? Sunday should be really low-key. Might clean the pool, pick up some salt. I really just need to catch up. I mean, in the moments I have in the morning before work and in the hour or so I have after getting home and absolutely collapsing into my chair in the evening, I am able to do dishes and put junk away but it simply is not enough time. Here’s hoping the weather is good too because I want to sit in the sun!
  5. At least I can say this: the day is going quickly. I spent the first 20 mins talking to a coworker and then another 45 or so talking to the front desk guy. Sounded like everyone in the office took the first hour to socialize because it was very loud around the suite but then the amendments started rolling in and we all had to buckle down. Happy Friday!

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