Random you ask? Random ye shall get

One of the problems with participating in a lot of themed blogging link-ups is when you write a post just for the heck of it, it feels out of place. My blog used to always just be my random musings.

Two bands I really like announced tour dates this week. Can I make them? No. Sleep Token isn’t coming anywhere near the Southeast and Motionless’s only “close” date, Mobile, is the day before the kids go back to school and a mere two days after we get back from a ten day vacation. Ain’t no way. Now my dearest Christopher, of said band, said he’s very closely eyeing Florida for a later date, though not with those same support bands. I know he’s said he likes the Florida heat so, Chris, come hither!

I have been having sinus issues lately so when I get into the office in the morning, I go into the kitchen and brew two cups – one with my coffee, and the other just hot water – so I can add essential oils: lemon, oregano, tea tree, and peppermint. One of these days, I am going to accidentally drink that concoction instead of breathe it in. I had to do it again yesterday afternoon and absentmindedly found myself putting it to my lips; that was a close one!

We are going to a beer festival in May – as previously mentioned in my Thursday 13 – and it is called Beer’merica. In looking through photos from previous years, people go all out dressing in American flag stuff. This is exciting! I have a few different American themed tanks and I own this pair of comfy shorts that are blue with white stars and a faded look. They’re technically pj shorts and I probably can’t pull it off so I’ll be on the lookout for others. I do have some jean shorts and maybe I can find some flag patches and put them on the back pockets? There’s an idea…

Right before Session started, my senior editor and big boss sat me and the other newest editor down to go over some basics and one thing they stressed was that office hours during this time are 8-5 unless there are specific other things (which is every day, tbh) but these folks here crack me up: other people be rollin’ up in here at 8:15, 8:30 every day. I love how when you start at a job, they want you to be on the up and up but we all know, people are just trying to survive as best they can and things get lax after a bit. Even the big guy came in at 8:15 today!

Could be a super long day because they’re trying to get a lot of bills done today so they don’t meet tomorrow but getting all those done are predicated upon the abortion bill actually wrapping up in a reasonable amount of time, which is highly unlikely because no one can agree on that controversial topic!

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