Writer’s Workshop – Would like to and will visit…

1. Name a country you might like to visit and list 7 reasons why you think you’d enjoy it.

So, I nearly picked Japan but besides seeing the culture and eating sushi, I couldn’t think of seven reasons. SO I am going with Germany, where we are actually planning to go in 2025!

  1. In the past, Ash and I were not fond of German beer styles. Pilsners and lagers were generally not to my palate. But we recently got into them, along with dunkels, so this is our main goal for going; he’s even going to book us a table in the Hofbrau tent!

2. We’ll also pop over to Prague because we like dark lagers and they make quite a few.

3. I think the German people are very interesting. Naziism aside (and look, judging from how Americans are frogs in boiling water, I can forgive a lot of those folks for falling prey) I admire their work ethic and they always seemed so clean and punctual. These are traits I admire.

4. Back to Oktoberfest, I cannot wait to eat sausage and red cabbage, and to see Puker’s Hill! Basically out back is the place you go to lie down and/or throw up from the massive amounts of drinking. I hope to not get to that place (they do offer the option of cutting your lager with lemonade) but it’ll be quite the sight/experience!

5. I want to go to an underground restaurant. I remember seeing something about them on the Food Network and it seems the area has quite a few!

6. Like many places in Europe, it’s lousy with castles and medieval buildings and I really want to see those.

7. As with all foreign countries, it will be really fun to be in another place, so different than America. One thing that excites me is that everyone there is fluent in English. I doubt Japan would be that way so I rest assured we’d be welcome there at least.

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Would like to and will visit…

  1. My husband and I went many years ago to Aschaffenburg. We drank warm beer and went to castles and drove really fast. I loved their linens, their hand-held bathtub stuff, their breakfasts of way-better cheese and bread than we have here. They spoke English pretty well and were pretty nice to us.

      1. I hate flying, too. But just did it with my daughter to Waco for my birthday. See Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines’ places. And we went down to Austin. All very fun. I survived the flights. Ha. When we flew to Germany, it was actually dark the whole flight because of the time changes which actually kind of helped us rest.

      2. I don’t remember it being dark or anything about the trip home, just that it was the whole way there. Not sure what time we left either. But that did help. We had a baby with us who slept the whole way because of the dark. I don’t sleep much either. I won’t add to your issues by saying what bothers me, ha. I’m sure it will all go well.

  2. We went to Italy, Germany, and Austria back in June and Mark loved the beer in Germany!! I agree with lynnfay73 — a lot of the overseas flights are overnight and you can hopefully sleep part of the way.

  3. Flying makes me cringe but…when the result is landing somewhere enjoyable….I do it, white knuckles all the way!

    How exciting to have a Germany trip to look forward to!

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