MMMM + Cold, rainy, then sunny

Happy Monday! I am present! I didn’t sleep the best but I have now had my requisite two cups of coffee and I’m feeling good.

This weekend was… not bad at all. Got off work by 6:30 Friday and headed home, knowing Ash was gone to play cards with a friend. I was just going to sit in my chair but my daughter wanted to take a walk. We did just one mile then, feeling motivated, tidied up the kitchen. You know how counter areas can get junked up with papers, etc, well, we fixed that and I felt pretty good about it. Got her in bed and tended to my oldest, who was a little under the weather. Then I basically just vegged until Ash got home.

Saturday morning, I got up and started on a little grocery shopping and brew fest prep. By 11, we were headed an hour southeast to Perry. It’s not the biggest beer festival but it was nice. However, it was rainy and cold all day. After setting up in the drizzle, my shoes and socks were soaked. I guess I prepped half-assed – brought a jacket and whatnot – but we all thought it would clear. It did not. Once our other friends showed up and set up, we went to a local pizza place then Walmart for more layers and some rain boots. I was happy to get that problem solved! The event lasted from 4-8, which is late for an activity of this sort, but successful. We had so many compliments! More on this later in the week though. Part of the deal for serving here is that they comped us a hotel room at the Hampton and while we could have driven home, we opted to stay. I needed to lay down, to be honest.

The next morning we drove back and were home, I think, before 10 even. That was nice because we could put stuff away, start laundry, and eat lunch. It was all hands on deck to get the pool cover off and get that going. Of course the pool looks like a swamp; not only did it have the winter cover on since October but the pump was inoperable for about a month. I went and got the chemicals needed to bring it back then it was finishing laundry and meal prep for the week and relaxing. We watched Dragged across concrete, which I do not recommend. Though it was going to be better but it’s not. Ugh.


OK, today’s theme is songs about Spring or Fall and since it’s sort of Spring here, that’s what I will pick. Though, this image perfectly sums up my portion of the US right now:

Here’s the songs I picked that I think work well:

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