Sunday Stealing! 1-10

One song that describes my life

Ok the only one I can think of is that one by Darius Rucker about his daughter growing. I honestly can’t remember much but I feel like the idea is one that encompasses the wonder that is children growing up too fast and then you’re suddenly the parent of a grown adult. What??

Two things I wish I had more of in my life

Time and Energy. One of these I can fix, the other, not so much.

Three ways I relax

Mindless twitch games like Bejeweled, hot bath, running

Four of my best accomplishments

Kids 1-3, getting this job

Five things I am looking forward to

The end of Session, seeing Ghost in August, trip to see family in July, a possible Motionless in White tour later this summer, taking comp time in the summer

Six things I am grateful for

Coffee, my husband, the life we have built, beer, great parents, good health insurance

Seven facts about me

I love to write but have never truly published, I never thought I’d be a mom and yet, here I am 15 years later, I quit drinking soda in 2004, I will listen to soft AM gold songs and immediately switch to blackened death metal, I still hold a soft spot for professional wrestling, I drive a Honda Element and will miss the crap out of it when it’s gone, since they don’t make them anymore, Inside, I am still very much the goth kid I was in high school

Eight things I can see from where I am sitting

Two work monitors, my collection of Funko Pops, my coworker’s name sign by her door, an ugly floral couch too small for normal people, Florida House of Representatives mug, my space heater, a set of rule books that no one looks at anymore, and sunlight filtering in from the office across the hall

Nine words I would use to describe myself

Loyal, punctual, weird, different, studious, creative, worrisome, snarky, conservative in nature

Ten little things that make me happy

Being under a heated blanket, cheese, guacamole, my kids being nice to each other, sunset, high summer, running with loud music in my ears, a good book, yacht rock, random texts from my husband

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