Sunday Stealing – Mid-March Qs

1. Do you make new friends easily?

Depends; I’m not looking to meet new people and I tend to kind of dislike people so the obvious answer is no, but I do chat with folks, say, in a new job. But I don’t let them in easily.

2.Which podcasts do you like at the moment?

I pretty much only listen to DarkHorse or Joe Rogan clips; not really into anything else at the moment.

3. One thing that immediately makes your day better

The sun; if it’s been rainy or cloudy and the sun break free and shines on me, even for a few moments, I am happy.

4. What app do you use most?

Hmm, “use”: google calendar. Looks at for funsies? Facebook or Instagram.

5. The friends who would have your back no matter what

Hubs counts as a friend, right? Yes, him and maybe Courtney and Tiffanie

6. What is something you’ll never do again?

Never say never but I used to say skiing for this type of question.

7. Something you practice often

Patience. Not always good at it though

8. What gives you an adrenaline rush?

Concerts. Especially right before the show begins; lights go down, there’s a hush about the crowd in anticipation. ::shivers::

9. How well do you do in social situations?

Depends on my mood that day; sometimes I feel pretty comfortable and energized but most of the time I approach them with disdain and feel drained from talking to people.

10. Are you a light sleeper or a deep sleeper?

Again, it kind of depends. If I am super tired, I will be passed out and have no idea what’s going on. Then other times (like last night) I toss and turn a lot.

11. Do you get stage fright?

Surprisingly, no. Funny thing is that as a kid, if we ever had to do like, a skit for class, I hated it. But I can get up in front of 25 students or 150 people and say whatever. I have taught for years and at my old job, we had big meetings where I had to speak and it never bothered me. Weird, right?

12. Which family members are you closest to?

Mostly just my mom. I mean, I talk to my dad and sister but we don’t share as much.

13. How was your February?

Very busy and stressful.

14. What is your favorite candle scent?

So candles suck and ruin your house, fyi. The oils and stuff go into your walls. BUT, if we’re just talking scents, I guess I like that midnight one from Yankee. Or ones that smell like laundry.

15. One book that you would recommend as a “must read’?


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